Collages, Mixed Media Language ArtCollages, Mixed Media Language Art The Calligraphy of Walls Collages, Mixed Media Language Art 1
Patty Arnold

Walking along the scraped, scratched, graffitied walls of Viet Nam, I am struck by their relationship to the palimpsest pages of illuminated manuscripts—the simplest definition being a manuscript that has been scraped and reused. The photographs in this series are printed on rice paper in the manuscript page size of 6" x 10". The palimpsest process is extended with hand painting using mixed media: pencil, charcoal, Sumi ink, gold leaf, acrylics and watercolor—making each print unique. The images carry faint traces of inscriptions from an earlier time. Reading, language and interpretation is open*.

This slideshow contains new work for 2015 to now.

Part 2 has all the original paintings from previous years.


The Calligraphy of Walls Part 1

  • Ellipses Landscape Ellipses Landscape
  • Descending Order Descending Order
  • Overleaf Overleaf
  • Brackets Brackets
  • Morse Code Morse Code
  • Morse Count Morse Count
  • Infinity Turns Infinity Turns
  • Blue Note Blue Note
  • Sequence Sequence
  • Sequence II Sequence II
  • Indefinite Sum Indefinite Sum
  • Question Question
  • Bulleted Point Bulleted Point
  • Pittman Shorthand Pittman Shorthand
  • Notation 2 Notation 2
  • Open Interval Open Interval
  • Intuitive Notion of Order Intuitive Notion of Order
  • Tracking Tracking